Minibus ‘D1’ Lessons

Minibus ‘D1’ licence (Minibus with up to 16 passengers).

We have a Ford Transit minibus 2.5 tdi, 4,100kg gross vehicle weight. Very easy to drive, just a small step up from the car. Ideal for people who just need the minibus D1 licence. E.g. EMT’s / Paramedics going to drive an ambulance, Teachers or people doing tours or school runs.

For driving test applicants we offer a driving test course specifically suited to your needs covering all aspects of the minibus Driving test. To begin taking lessons in the minibus, applicants must hold a valid learners permit for the D1 license, for more information on how to get a learner permit and applying for your driving test, click on Useful info.

Advance Drive Galway MiniBus lessons