Want to learn how to ride a Motorbike safely?

First check the issue date on your licence to see if you are required to do IBT? If your learners permit was issued before the 6th December 2010, you don’t need to do IBT (The 16 hour course). You can just take lessons as you need them to get to the required level.

‘Advance Drive’ have a 2001 Honda CB250 which is one of the easiest bikes in the world to drive. We provide all the gear you’ll need to keep you safe & sound while learning how to ride. To book a lesson or if you have any questions you can call us on 091 524689 or 085 8661144.

What is Initial Basic Training (IBT) ?
Motorcyclists who receive their first learner permits after the 6 December 2010 are required, by law, to do IBT.

IBT is a 16 hour course, which comprises of 4 modules:

Module 1 (3 Hours): This is Classroom and Compound based training. It covers Personal Protective Equipment, Motorcycle Controls, Motorcycle Technical Checks, Use of Stands, Manual Movement of Motorcycle, Engine Starting/Stopping.

Module 2 (5 Hours): This is Compound based training. It covers Moving Off/Stopping, Braking, Gears, Slow Riding, Figure8/Slalom/U-Turn Manouvers, Rear Observation/Mirrors, Turning Left/Right, Emergency Braking.

Module 3 (2 Hours): This is Classroom and Compound based training. It covers Legal Requirements, Rules of Road, Being Seen, Road Surfaces, Positioning, Observation/Mirrors, Speed, Anticipation/Reaction, Weather Conditions.

Module 4 (6 Hours): This is Public Road based training. It covers Gradients, Junctions, Traffic Lights, Roundabouts, Safe Distance, Anticipation/Reaction, Pedestrian Crossings, Bends.

These modules must be done in the order outlined above. They can be done intensively over a 2 day period, or they can be spread out to suit the trainee’s schedule. However all 4 modules must be performed within a 2 year period. Also as each module lays the foundation for the next module, is advisable not to leave an excessive time lapse between completion of each module. It is only when this course is successfully completed that an individual may legally ride on a public road, unaccompanied by an IBT instructor.